VR 19 Preservation of Evidence

Recovery operators can be summoned to court and in some cases, charged with the tampering of evidence or improper and unprofessional handling at the scene.

This course aims to address this imbalance by providing the operator with all the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct a safe and professional recovery of the vehicle, preserving the evidence in such a way that will be admissible in court.

Part 1

  • Identification of Evidence
  • Preserving Evidence
  • Avoidance of Cross Contamination
  • Police Requirements from Operators to Preserve Evidence at the Scene
  • Types of Evidence
  • Evidence Handling
  • Documenting Evidence


Part 2

  • Identification of ‘Rigged’ Vehicles
  • Personal Risk Avoidance
  • Practical Vehicle Removal Preserving All Evidence
  • Vehicle and Evidence Storage

A multiple choice test will be undertaken upon completion