VR 21 Incident Manager

This course is aimed at Recovery Personnel with 3 years managerial experience and 3 years Heavy or Light Recovery experience. Candidates attending this course will have the ability to assess, plan, lead and coordinate the recovery work at an incident in an efficient, professional and organized manner.

Certification for this module will be gained after rigorous assessment of the candidate’s abilities, their knowledge and previous experience in all types of recovery situations. This module includes multiple choice paper examination, practical role playing workshops and assessment of the candidates experience throughout.


  • Definitions of a ‘Major Incident’ and a Major Incident Manager’
  • Identification of the roles and responsibilities of the attending emergency services.
  • Risk assessment and record logging at a major incident.
  • Effective Communication with emergency services managers and their teams.
  • Planning and Recovery for any given major incident.
  • Template and report writing post recovery for a given customer.
  • Incident manager’s duties, responsibilities and limits of authority.
  • • Effectively assess, organize and deploy the recovery equipment required.


Practical Skill Assessment

  • The module will initially be assessed using recovery scenarios, unless practical alternatives can be found. Candidates must demonstrate their competency to manage and safely accomplish a major recovery incident.

A multiple choice test will be undertaken upon completion.