The Mansfield Group are one of the largest
dedicated vehicle Rescue & Recovery
operators across the UK and Europe.

About Us

Our History

The Mansfield Group was established in 1978 in the village of Biggin, Derbyshire, repairing a variety of vehicles from farming vehicles to all types of cars and commercial vehicles.

Over the past 15 years, the business has specialised in vehicle recovery, rescue, storage and repair providing services to all the major Motoring Organisations, Police, Council and Government Agencies.

The Mansfield Group operates a number of specialist rescue and recovery units and manage its geographical footprint from a total of eleven service centres across the Central, Northern and Southern geographical areas of the Country.

The Mansfield Group was built on always providing the best solution to our customers and an overall paramount service, and this remains our focus today.

The Mansfield Group Today

With a total of eleven service centres across the Northern, Central and southern geographical areas of the Country, The Mansfield Group has grown considerably making it one of the largest dedicated vehicle Rescue & Recovery operators in the UK and Europe.

The group employs approximately 200 staff and operates a fleet of over 180 specialist rescue and recovery units. The average age of our fleet is less than two years old and the equipment we use incorporate the latest technology available.

Over the years we have continued to invest heavily in new Technology, with all rescue and recovery vehicles fitted with state of the art satellite tracking systems (to aid rapid deployment) and Mobile Data Terminals. We have also recently introduced ’360’ a dynamic scheduling system which allows for an even quicker and accurate deployment.

All rescue and recovery incidents are deployed from our Operations Centre based at our Head Office, electronically to our vehicles, resulting in improved service levels and customer satisfaction, further strengthening the commercial success of The Mansfield Group.

Additionally we have a modern call recording system into our Operations centre to further enhance the quality of service we provide to our customers and business partners.

All of the above have proved to be a natural progression for the development of our business and aspirations of The Mansfield Group.