5 Car Problems You Shouldn’t Try To Fix Yourself:

It’s on a bright Saturday morning and you are taking your family for a  road trip. All of a sudden, you hear strange noises at the rear of the car and the car comes to a sudden halt. The confusion that ensues is unfathomable. You are not sure what to do next…

Inevitably, even new cars will breakdown and your first instinct when you find yourself in such predicaments should be calling The Mansfield Group to help with recovery services.

Additionally, with the ever-rising cost of car repairs, many car owners are trying to minimise costs by taking matters into their own hands and trying to fix any arising car mechanical problems. They scout over the Internet in a bid to learn from the millions of ‘Do-it-yourself’ videos on YouTube. Never a good idea..

If it were a simple situation where you needed to remove a stubborn stain from your car seat, this would absolutely make sense. However, it is not advisable for the average car owner to try and repair their car. Although there are things like replacing a spark plug that can be done with eyes closed, most of the car mechanical problems should be handled by a certified auto mechanic.

On that note, below are 5 of the car mechanical problems you should never try to fix yourself.

1. Brake Repair

Ensure your safety, that of your passengers and that of your car by not meddling with the braking system. Newer car models have a more complicated braking system and specialised training is needed for the replacement of rotors and brake pads. It will also give you a peace of mind to know that a professional is handling your brake repairs.

2. Windscreen Replacement

Replacing a windshield does not involve inserting it and leaving. It requires special tools as well as special adhesives. Done wrongly, you could be dealing with replacing another windshield sooner rather than later.

3. Engine Problems

This is a matter of common sense. The engine is one of the most important components that ensure your car runs properly. Engines are now computerised and it is no place for ‘try and error.’ If your car experiences any engine problems, take it to an auto shop immediately.

4. Transmission Repair

Car transmissions are one of the most complex repairs your vehicle can undergo. There are various components involved and without proper understanding of the whole system, repair is practically impossible.

Cars are evolving every day and newer models have even more complicated transmissions. Replacing or repairing transmission requires high-tech equipment that only professional mechanics have access to. These mechanics have the education and technical know-how of attempting such a complex task.

5. Airbag Replacement

Airbag replacement is a major undertaking that only expert mechanics can do. It is costly and a process that requires intensive labor. It not only involves removing and replacing the bag but also replacing the dashboard since it covers the airbag.

Even if you go over the Internet and are successful at replacing the airbag, you have no way to test if the airbag will deploy as it should in case of an accident.

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