Top 5 Most Common Car Breakdown Causes

If you’ve ever broken down in your car, you’ll know that it can be difficult to get going again; whether that’s finding a reliable car breakdown recovery company or actually getting your car road-ready again. 

In this blog, we’re telling you the top 5 most common car breakdown causes to help you avoid and understand what might have caused your most recent breakdown. 

#1 Running Out Of Fuel

It seems like an obvious one, but it’s a common car breakdown cause that recovery companies like us, get called out for. This is simply because a lot of people will presume they can get to their next destination with the limited miles on their fuel gauge and overestimate what is actually left in their tank. 

Wherever you’re going next, make sure you top up the fuel or check how much fuel you have left to get you from A to B. A note to self on this point too, make sure you fill up with the correct fuel (as this is another common car breakdown cause!).

For information and tips about what to do if you ever run out of fuel, check out our previous blog.

#2 Incorrect Level Of Oil

Another common car breakdown cause is due to having an incorrect level of oil as this can damage your engine. 

Before your next journey, check your oil levels are correct by regularly viewing your dipstick and ensuring the oil is between the two marked lines. If you want to know what your specific oil levels are, check the handbook associated with your car model and make. 

In the event that you do ever breakdown, you’ve always got our reliable team to come to pick you and your car up.

#3 Damaged Tyres & Wheels

Having faulty tyres or wheels is another common car breakdown cause and situation that you could find yourself easily stuck in, especially during the winter

From worn tyre tread and punctures caused by accidents, hitting potholes, and even failing valves, it is important to regularly check your tyres.

#4 Locking Yourself Out

Something you may not even think that you would do with your car, but surprisingly still a common car breakdown cause.

You may find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost your keys or even locked them inside your car and you’re too far away from home to grab the spare. At this point, you should find a local roadside recovery company or even a company who can pick you up across the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get home safely.

#5 Engine Lights Errors

When an engine light pops up on your dash, it’s not something that should be ignored. You may see lights mentioning the points above such as tyre pressure, oil pressure, and low fuel indicator pop up on your dashboard. But you may also see additional lights such as a battery alert and engine warning that also need to be looked into. 

If you have an engine light pop up on your dash, it is best to get it looked at by a professional. Take your vehicle to the nearest car garage to be reviewed.

Breakdown Assistance

Breaking down can sometimes be unavoidable, especially if you have an older car. For reliable and professional breakdown assistance, get in touch with our team today. We work all hours around the clock, 7 days a week to help you get where you need to be in the safest way. 

Simply call 0870 600 34444 for more information about our breakdown assistance and how we can help you.