As the weather continues to get colder and the evenings get even darker, you need to be confident that your vehicle is safe on the roads this winter. Nearly 25% of all UK accidents are caused by bad weather, so it is vital that you carry out a winter car check to ensure your car is prepared for the cold conditions. 

To help you determine what a ‘winter car check’ is and what is actually included, we have put together a go-to checklist for everything you need to know this year…

The Effects Of Bad Weather On UK Roads…

We all know it’s coming, when the nights draw in and the heating gets turned on, winter is soon to arrive. But do you know the effects that bad weather can have on the roads? The most common weather conditions we are going to see this season include rain, snow, ice, and wind, which all have an impact on the conditions of the road.  


Both rain and snow can cause detrimental effects to the safety of our roads, surfaces can become slippery, which in turn reduces the grip of your tyres and increases your braking distance. Drive at slower speeds and put a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. 


Ice on the roads can be extremely dangerous, especially when there is black ice. You may find during winter that some sections of the road are icier than others, so take care when driving through areas that might not be as highly gritted as others. 


When it is windy, there is more chance of debris being blown onto the roads and with forceful wind, it can blow vulnerable road users such as cyclists over. Be more careful when driving in the winter and take extra caution when driving around vulnerable road users. 


What Is Included In A Winter Car Check?

When visibility is reduced by snow and there is an alarming presence of black ice, it is important to take a look at your vehicle and make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Winter car checks carried out by your local garage will often include the following:

Tyre Inspection

As your tyres are often the things that are most affected in winter, especially during icy and snowy months, it is vital to get these checked. During a winter car check, you will often find that tyre tread depth and pressure are checked and you may find that you need to swap to your winter tyres. 

Oil Level Replenishment 

If your vehicle has too much or too little oil, you may find your car starts having some engine problems. During winter it is important to get this checked so you can avoid any breakdowns in the colder months and ensure you have the best oil for your car this winter. 

Battery Test 

A winter car check will ensure your battery is protected, charged and secured ready for those cold commutes to work. 

Light Assessment 

This is something that many people often do themselves, but a winter check will also carry out this task for you. It is as simple as it sounds, checking the lights across the car to ensure that they are all working to the correct standard including your front and rear lights.

Windscreen Wiper Inspection 

When it is pouring down with rain or snow, your windscreen wipers become extra important. During a winter car check, you can expect the technician to inspect the condition of your wipers and ensure that they have the correct level of wiper fluid too. 

Antifreeze & Coolant Top Up 

A winter vehicle check will confirm and top up any liquids related to the vehicle’s cooling system and prevent any unwanted issues during the colder months. 

Why You Need A Winter Car Check…

By carrying out a winter car check every year alongside your MOT and regular service, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to prevent a breakdown. Often breakdowns are caused by damaged tyres and dead batteries which can easily be avoided with a winter car check. 

In the event that you do break down, there is nothing to panic about. Our team offers 24 hours, 365 days a year roadside recovery services for a wide spectrum of vehicles including motorbikes, cars, trucks, HGVs and more. 

Move into a safe location, put on your hazards and give our team a call on 0870 600 3444 and we will get a technician or driver dispatched to you as soon as possible.